Sunday, July 30, 2006

ANTic Problem

Last week working on a continuous buils setup for a project, i stumbled upon a issue with ANT(Another Neat Tool), Java build tool.
The buildfile was working from the current directory where the file was , but was failing if ant was invoked from outside the directory.
So when i said
in the current folder the build would happen successfully, but if i triggered the build from any other location using
ant -f some_dir/build.xml
it would fail.

I digged into the build file and found that all the property declarations were using value attribute to refer relative paths.Here the problem lied.
I changed the value attribute to location and Voila....... it started working.So it seems that sometimes minor mishaps can cause a blunder(and posssible time waste) while automating any actvity.

Just to summarize,

Always use location attributes for properties , if you are refereing to paths in your buildfile


Looking for WAI Tools

For past couple of weeks i am working on WAI-fying web applications. i have come across couple of good online tools the W3C validator and ATRC Accessibility Checker Java based Server Side tool.

Have any body used other Open Source WAI Tools?
Can u share those with me?
What are your experiences?

I'll be putting my experience stay tuned for more WAI.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Here i go...........

Atlast a blog, me and my thoughts which doesn't always makes it where its intended.
So Let me start.
Here, i'll be blogging about Java,Programming,hobbies,etc.
Seems like everyday things.
So till next time.....
Keep Sipping..Keep Coding :-)